Nigerian parents and churches do the most, to be honest. If you are a child of Nigerian parents and a member of a Nigerian church, then you’ll completely relate to this list.

NB: This is not a definitive list.

1. When you start asking questions.

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How can you question anything at all? In fact, are women supposed to be allowed to speak? Nah, you’re definitely on your way to destruction.

2. When you start wearing make-up.

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Especially if they are just seeing it on you for the first time. They’ll probably call a church meeting to discuss your matter. How dare you put the devil’s watercolour on your face?

3. When they catch you with trousers.

Enough said.

4. When you miss church two times in a row.

Look at this sinner.

5. When you refuse the advances of a church brother.

Oh, spiritual brothers are not good enough for you, abi? You’re lusting after Wizkid and Akon, is that not so? The secretary of hell fire has jotted down your name.

6. For the guys, when you change your hairstyle.

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Know that they will call you and ask you to kneel down so they can do serious deliverance prayers for you.

7. When you start to keep a beard.

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Hmm. God look at your child.

8. When you leave the church WhatsApp group.

E don finally be for you. Get ready to have your social media posts monitored from then on.



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