If you’re like me and you have an abusive relationship with onions, you should be able to relate to these memes.

1. When you want to cook noodles but you remember you’d have to cut onions

Abi should I just eat bread and butter?

2. Then you think about the price of onions.

By the way, what audacity do onions have to increase in price? You literally make me cry, what gave you the impression that I would pay more for you?

3. But you know that onions help your noodles taste like something to write home about so you carry your Bagco Super Sack and head to the market

These onions won’t buy themselves

4. Then you start cutting the onions and the evil mist rises to your eyes

Ay God. Just please

5. Your village people then suggest that your eyes are itching and so you scratch it…with the onion-stained hands

Like 2020 has not been evil enough. The devil works hard.

6. …and then it burns!

I need eyes! Oh sorry… ice.

7. But it’s over soon and you reap the fruit of your labour

“It sha tastes nice”

8. How you sleep knowing that this would still repeat itself the next time you want to cook.

Onions 95 – Me 0



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