Sometimes, when you want to go to a new city, you need advice. Well, here are 7 very important things you need to know if you are going to the city of Port Harcourt for the first time.

1) Bole

They eat bole like the meal that it is, with fish, sauce, etc. If you are used to eating with groundnut like a person that is suffering, now is your chance to truly enjoy it. You cannot come to Port Harcourt and not try the bole, it is criminal.

2) Population

Because of how small the population is, everyone is sleeping with everyone, especially Ikwere boys. You will be seeing someone, but will not know he is your ex’s neighbour’s brother. The population is so small, you cannot meet any new person. Everyone is just recycling partners.

3) UST boys

There is a popular basketball court inside UST, where all the boys assemble to gist about the girl of the week. Sleep with one, your gist will become Saturday morning devotion. Fear UST boys, then fear God.

4) Language

It is not every new slang or word you hear outside that you repeat someplace. Respect yourself, before somebody stops you one day and asks you questions you cannot answer.

5) Hang-out spots

There is nowhere new to go. You will go to the same places like fifteen times to do the same thing you have done a hundred times, because what else? No excitement.

6) Inexpensive

It usually does not cost as much to live in PH. Especially if you are coming from places like Lagos and Abuja, the Port Harcourt lifestyle will not break your pocket.

7) Clothes

There are certain colours you cannot wear to certain places. Do not let them follow you to your father’s house to cause trouble. Please, just ask before you move about.

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