There’s only one day left in the first month of 2023. But you still have enough time to do these seven life-changing things and make the rest of the year soft for you.

Give up on your New Year’s resolutions

The first month has almost ended, and you’ve still not started spending wisely. Just give up on the resolution already. This life na one. 

Finish your salary

January money is January money. It really has no business following you into February. Blow your money before February so you can start the new month on a fresh slate.

Leave the streets

If you want to get booed up on Valentine’s Day, start searching now. We can’t be singing “Valentine is coming” again for you this year. Step up, please. But hold your money sha, because love costs a lot these days.

Break up with your partner

If you don’t have money, there’s billing ahead. So save your pocket by scattering the relationship right now so it doesn’t look fishy. You can always get back together when Valentine’s Day has passed. In this life, you have to have sense.

Collect your PVC

It’s up to you to choose who you think will show us the least shege for the next four years. And the only way you can do that is with your PVC. Go and get yours so you know you did your best no matter what happens.

Find a sugar guardian

If you’ve decided you want this year to be soft but don’t want to pay for it, just look for someone who wants to adopt a sugar baby. Trust me, it’s not that hard.

Start another career

Can you buy Benz with the 9-to-5 you’re doing right now? If you can, do giveaway. But if you can’t, maybe you should change careers so you can experience some softness for a change. We’ll tell you the best ones out there and how to break into them. All you have to do is read HustlePrint.

Starting tomorrow (January 31st, 2023)

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