My fellow hustlers, I greet you. If you’ve ever considered getting a sugar daddy then this is for you.

Here is a list of places you can find some:

1) Aso Rock.

If you know, you know. The only issue is getting access.

2) Old students reunion parties.

All those class of 70 reunion parties are fertile ground for discovering so many of them. Accompany your parents for a reunion today so you can unlock your best life.

3) Canadian embassy.

Station yourself outside their embassy and pounce on the first middle aged man you see leave the building. Sugar daddy with pali, yum. God punish bad governance.

4) Any country club in Lagos.

Once you see any middle-aged man with white beards, shorts, polo, a tiny gold chain, and a tennis racket, hold on to him for dear life.

5) Oil and gas end of the year parties.

Do whatever it takes to attend just one of this. A trial might just change your life.

6) Supermarkets.

You must be strategic with this one. Make sure you only go shopping in the evening or public holidays. Another thing you must do is always refuse when he offers to pay the first time. Open up with, “don’t worry sir.” Then he’ll say “Don’t call me sir, call me <insert name>” That’s the signal, my brothers and sisters. Sugar daddy loading.

7) Wedding.

If you can help it, let it not be your own sha, But I heard that chairmen of weddings usually have money. Do with this information what you will. Goodluck!



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