If you’re a Nigerian, and you wear glasses there’s a big chance that you’ve heard at least 5 of the things on this list. You don’t have to read this so you don’t get angry again.

For non glassed wearers though, these are seven things that people who wear glasses are tired of hearing.

1. “Is it recommended or shakomended”

First of all, who still says “shakomended”? If you see someone wearing glasses and they look real, just leave them alone. If you’re meant to know if they’re real or not, you will.

2. “How many fingers am I holding up”

Do people think that people who wear glasses immediately get blind when they remove their glasses?

3. “Four eyes”

Haha… very funny. Next joke.

4. “Why don’t you use contacts?”

Why don’t you mind your business?

5. “Can I wear them?”

There is nothing that wearing another person’s glasses is going to do for you. Absolutely nothing.

6. “You look different without your glasses?”

People look different without their glasses. They don’t need to hear it from you. They already know.

7. “You use glasses? You must be so smart!”

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