Nigerian parents can tolerate a lot, but there is a point when they draw the line and apply discipline. We made a list of the things you’ll do that will piss them off. Have you ever done anything on this list?

1. When you go out to buy something and you don’t put it inside nylon.

kingofboysmovie beach sand pray dramatic GIF

Basically, you’re dead. Because how can you show the whole world what they sent you? Don’t you have home training?

2. When a stranger offers you food and you actually collect and eat it.

kingofboysmovie what surprise shock sunglasses GIF

Ah. You don’t even use to fear?

3. When you attend a party and eat everything they give you without bringing it home.

kingofboysmovie stupid slap smack king of boys GIF

That’s the only explanation for it: You’re definitely stupid.

4. When they ask you to go grind pepper and you pour the pepper away.

kingofboysmovie dead grave corpse king of boys GIF

Here lies our dear child, who for the sake of stupidity, poured the family’s meal away.

5. When you try to return what they sent you and the seller refuses to collect it from you.

kingofboysmovie weak man up king of boys kingofboys GIF

6. When they send you on an errand and you misplace the money.

kingofboysmovie herb threat vegetable deep thoughts GIF

This is the beginning of your suffering.

7. When you interrupt an adult conversation.

kingofboysmovie glare mates face off faceoff GIF

We have become mates that you can shuk mouth in my talk, abi? Vey good. Very good.


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