*Unmutes mic*

2020 has been a big year for online group work calls because of dear Miss Rona. If you were once excited about working from home, you’d soon realise that group video calls can become long and exhausting.

For many of us, there are some go-to phrases for when you’re just going on cruise control. Here’s a few of them.

1. “Nothing from me”

What you actually mean: I wasn’t listening this whole time, but I’m sure nobody mentioned my name or said anything that was remotely related to me. I also don’t want this meeting to go on any longer, so yeah, nothing from me.

2. “Have a great weekend everyone”

What you actually mean: Yes! Finally. I’m tired of talking about the same shit every Friday. Can I sleep now?

3. “Sounds good”

You probably say this one just so people don’t say you didn’t contribute anything good to the meeting. “Sounds good” feels like casual, yet confident approval.

4. “Yes, we can hear you”

“Oya say what you want to say and let’s hear word”

5. “I’ve been speaking for the past two minutes, I didn’t know I was muted”

Oya say it again.

6. *laughs*

This one is for when your boss tells a joke and you want him to know that you think that apart from being your boss, he can also successfully have a career in comedy. (Also, sir that raise I’ve been asking for)

7. “Yes, we can see your screen”

We could see it all along. We saw when you closed the “Midget Asian Porn” tab on Pornhub. You fucking weirdo.



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