Before you take that man to the altar, test him in any of these seven ways. If he fails, then you know he’s not worth it, sis.

1. Test him with food.

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If he comes to your house, serve him three meat. If he eats all of them, he’s a man with no thought for the future. That one will eat through your life savings. If he eats two and leaves one, he’s a man who will leave your finances on the verge of destruction. If he eats just one, he’s pretending.

2. When he visits your parents house, leave dirty clothes in the parlour.

If he gathers them to wash, then he’s a true husband material. Here’s the best way to do this: when he comes, let your parents pack the dirty clothes and act as if they’re going to wash them. If he says, “Ah, don’t worry, what am I here for?” then he has home training.

3. Leave your house dirty and see if he cleans it.

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There’s no two way to this. If he does not clean your dirty place when he comes visiting, how will he do it when you both get married and you’re busy with work? Isn’t the purpose of marriage to have a man who can clean up and wash things while you work?

4. Let him refer to your younger siblings as “Auntie” and “Brother.”

If he refuses, he is disrespectful. Afterall, your younger siblings were not born in his presence. It doesn’t matter if he’s older. Culture is culture and must be respected.

5. Ask him to have sex with you.

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That’s the only way to know if he’s a fertile man. Besides, how can you buy something you have not tested?

6. If he agrees, then he has been doing it before and he is a whore. Chop him and clean mouth.

Then carry your bag and walk away.

7. If he does not agree, then he is probably giving other ladies for free.

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Men? They cannot be trusted oh. They will form virgins only to be selling their bodies cheap up and down. You probably shouldn’t get married to that kind of man.

Stay woke sis.

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