At the rate at which people are japa-ing, there’s only going to be four of us left in Nigeria by December. 

You could be kiki-ing with someone in a meeting today, and tomorrow they announce they’re no longer in Nigeria. 

This article has all the telltale signs that your coworker is about to japa. 

They start falling sick anyhow

The hospital your coworker is going to isn’t for health reasons o. They’re going to do their medicals for japa purposes. If you think we’re lying, the next time your coworker calls in sick, ask to follow them to the hospital. The things your eyes will see. 

They start printing and photocopying… a lot

If you don’t work at a printing company and your office printer is always running out of ink, it’s a huge sign someone (or everyone) is trying to japa. Japa people always have something to print, and with the current economy, they’d very much rather use the office printer than pay someone to print for them. 

They start missing emails and meetings

Every small thing, “Oh, sorry I didn’t get that.” 

Why would they get that when all they’re checking their emails is to see if their visa is ready. They don’t have your time, please. 

They live way below what they earn

It’s not humility or sapa. They’re just saving for proof of funds.  Jazz up.

They stop posting on social media

Open your phone and check your coworkers’ social media accounts. If they simply stopped posting in the past three months, you might as well go to the airport and wait for them, because they’ll soon get there. 

They’re posting a lot on social media

If they’re posting on social media more frequently than normal, they’re trying to document all the memories from Nigeria before they leave. One way or another, social media handles serve as a huge clue in finding out if someone is about to japa. 

Suddenly, work doesn’t stress them anymore

Two months ago, they were complaining about your boss every single day. These days, even though your boss ismore annoying, they don’t care. That’s japa syndrome. Nothing moves them again. 

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