Before you get into that relationship, confirm if they have an olubawi who can caution them when they’re moving mad or handle the checks and balances in their life like the judiciary. Here’s how to know for sure and avoid crying later.

They’re always looking for clout to chase

Launching gender wars, moving like incels and capitalising on pain and trauma for social engagement is a clear sign your partner is in this life to make trouble. The chance that a clout chaser will take caution is slimmer than Timini’s moustache.

They’re Tinubu

If your partner is Tinubu or moves like him, then their case is even worse than not having an olubawi. They don’t have their ears to the ground because they’re surrounded by yes-men.

Or they support the Agbado mandate

No disrespect to your bae’s politics, but if they laud the hard-life policies of this government, they’ve not had anyone to tell them their head is not correct.

For Food Only

If your partner has five proteins on one plate in this Tinubu era, it means they’re robbing to maintain a banquet lifestyle, or they have no one to advise them.

The night is always young

They only come alive in the nighttime like a white owl. If they’re not a security guard or nightclub owner, what are they looking for outside when they could be burning airtime to convince you to let them in your life?

They simply hate advice

Whatever anyone tells them enters one ear and evaporates through the other one. With this attitude, there’s no way they can have an olubawi. The only voice they listen to is the one in their head.

Or their “olubawi” is crazier than them

Maybe they have an olubawi but their olubawi doesn’t call their misbehaviours to order because they’re the deluxe version of them. Fruits don’t fall far from the tree, dear.

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