Sometimes, you’re the cause of your problems and here’s seven reasons why.

1) You’re the one spending your money

You see it, you like it, you want it, you got it, and now you’re broke. In as much as Nigeria is helping you spend your money due to high inflation, you’re doing a good job of finishing it by yourself as well. It’s your money, spend it how you want. Just remember that the next time you want to fight someone for the state of your account balance, hold your neck.

2) You’re always trying to enter other people’s relationships

You see two people in a relationship happy and vibing and you constantly try to enter. What God has joined together, don’t try to put asunder. Better focus on your life.

3) You didn’t forward broadcast message

One day, someone sent you a broadcast message and said if you don’t forward to your contact list, you’d have bad luck for a long time. You didn’t forward the message and now see how it is doing you.

4) Procrastination is your middle name

Of all the middle names, you have chosen procrastination. You probably are not even reading this article when you initially wanted to because of procrastination. Do better.

5) You didn’t give conductor change

Imagine entering a bus with ₦1,000 for a ₦50 ride. Your life is now the way it is because God is punishing you for your sins.

6) You eat semo

You have willingly put your body through that torture, and for what? Your ancestors are fighting you for committing such a felony.

7) Pressing phone from morning till night

Sit down from one place and press phone from morning till night, yet you wonder why your head hurts. Your head hurts because of you. Take a walk, go outside, and touch some grass.



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