Anybody who’s participated in a giveaway can tell you this for free; they’re hard to win. Winning a raffle draw is even harder. We spoke to seven Nigerians who’ve won one to hear what the experience was like.

Salama, 37

“I just saw a post on Twitter asking people to do ridiculous things like comment ‘YES’ and stand a chance to win a laptop, or something like that. I thought it was stupid, but what did I have to lose? I commented, and I got picked. It was weird because they started asking for details like my address and full name. I was wary at first because I feared it was just a scam. But I sent them my details and received a brand new laptop the next day. It was awesome because the chances of that happening were really low.”

Mosun, 24

“It happened in school; a popular tech brand had just come to promote themselves with an on-campus event. I went with a friend because I was bored and it seemed like fun. We were each given a number according to our seats, and they had this raffle treadmill they drew a number from. Surprisingly, it was my number. I won a phone and sold the one I was using at the time for some cash.”

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Tola, 21

“I’m not sure I should call it a raffle draw, but I won a makeup kit on Instagram one time. All I had to do was find a lot of people to engage a comment I made on the giveaway post. This is pretty much standard procedure, and I don’t think it’s as hardball as a raffle draw.”

Joshua, 34

“I used to be a huge follower of CM Folorunso when he was still active on Instagram. One time, I correctly answered a business-related question he posted on his IG story, and a few minutes later, his manager was in my DM asking for my account number. I received ₦10k in my account and that was it.”

Esther, 29

“This sounds wild because of how unlikely it seems, but I once won a trip to Dubai in a raffle draw run by a brand. It was wild because I just did it for fun but ended up winning. I had the best time. I’m not counting on it happening again sha.”

Sola, 28

“One time, I participated in a hilarious game at a party. It was a raffle draw, but instead of winning prizes, you win questions or dares. It was basically truth or dare on a raffle wheel. It was hilarious because the dares could range from singing worship songs to rapping the lyrics of Olamide’s first song.”

Felix, 26

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