If there’s one thing you can’t take away from Nigerian men, it’s that their beauty is low maintenance, and they know it. Imagine being proud of your skincare routine consisting of just Irish Spring and vaseline.

Anyway, I asked some ladies about their favourite fashion items to see on men and got interesting answers. Man dem, take notes.

Trim suits

— Ope*, 24

I absolutely love guys in suits. Bring a man wearing a trim, dapper suit my way and I may just give him all my money. I think it makes them look powerful.

Image source: Gents coalition

Ashawo shorts

— Mavor, 20

I absolutely love those short shorts. It makes guys look very sexy. I like how it reveals the whole framework of their legs.


— Maina*, 21

My obsession with anklets and shorts started sometime two months ago (June 2022) when I saw this fine specimen of black man walking down the road. He had on a pink “Marshmello” hoodie over the tightest ashawo shorts, white crocs and a golden anklet to compliment his legs.

Image source: Seeds of maitri

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Fashion rings

— Memi, 23

I think it makes them look classy and shows how neat they are. There’s also the fact that I’ve never seen a guy with ugly fingers wear rings, so there’s that.

Image source: Hollywood life

Traditional wear

— Titi, 20

It definitely has to be traditional wear, especially when tailored properly. Take all my money! I always look forward to seeing my man in traditional wear.

There’s also something about plain coloured T-shirts on slightly buff men, Definitely sexy.

Image source: Ebuka Obi-uchendu


— Lolo*, 25

There’s something about seeing a guy with cute sunglasses. It just gives them this sexy, mysterious look. I don’t know if it’s weird but I find it attractive.

Image source: Ebuka Obi-uchendu

Tiny necklaces

— Kiishi, 25

It has an appeal and I like how subtle it looks in a really fashionable way.

Image source: Ubuy Nigeria

*Some names have been changed for anonymity, and answers slightly edited for clarity.

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