Instead of stressing yourself by thinking of a lie whenever you reply to texts late, you can just use any of these foolproof excuses.

1) Cooking beans

Everyone knows cooking beans takes a long time. So what if you are replying their texts after two days? Do they know how many people you were cooking for?

confused Tonto Dike

2) Picking stones from rice

Maybe you wanted to pick the stones from an entire bag of rice? Who are they to question this 100% sensible reason?

3) Breaking Egusi

You volunteered to help feed the community and the food for the day was pounded yam and egusi? Or someone gifted you a basket of Egusi and you want to keep it? There are so many reasons you could be breaking Egusi. Use that as an excuse today!

4) Frying plantain

Everyone knows that with frying plantain, once you look away, everything has burnt. That’s why you couldn’t reply their texts. You were so focused on getting unburnt dodo.

5) Meeting

Bosses can be terrible and meetings can last for HOURS. So, why not try this foolproof excuse? It doesn’t matter if the time they texted was at 3 am on a Sunday. Something came up in the office and it was an emergency.

6) Fell asleep

If sleeping beauty can do what she did, why couldn’t it happen to you too? You’re a growing child and you need your sleep. Don’t let anyone stress you.

mission accomplished meme

7) Had a bath

Yes, baths can take as long as two days. What if you decided to connect with your marine spirit ancestors from there? They don’t know you, they don’t know your story.

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