No matter how long you avoid any physical human interaction, the minute you step out, at least one of these 7 things just might happen.

Some are annoying, while others are downright embarrassing.

1. Locking eyes with a stranger

It usually doesn’t last more than a split second, but can be super uncomfortable. You quickly avert your eyes wondering what all that was about, except you want to flirt. That’s another story.

2. Waving to someone who was in fact waving to someone else behind you

This one can be more embarrassing than annoying. Better do as if it’s your ear you wanted to scratch with the hand you raised.

3. Getting your clothing stuck between your buttocks

Kanipe you are in your house now, you can do the needful. But with all these eyes roaming, how e go be? Just remember to breathe.

4. ATM not dispensing

So you stood in line for thirty minutes, only for the money to finish when it got to your turn? It’s things like this that make life tough. Even more annoying is how the people behind you will feel you have bad luck.

5. Random people touching you

Asides being in trying times virus wise, whatever happened to people keeping their hands to themselves? Spray sanitiser on anyone that tries this.

6. Someone stepping on your footwear from behind

It’s as if some people don’t look in front of them when walking. They will step on your footwear from behind and probably even cut it in the process. That’s not the annoying part. Wait till the first thing they say is: “Are you not seeing?” Boya you should grow eyes behind your head.

7. Stepping on gum

Shoe that you just bought. See this thing is annoying. Lord help the culprit if you find them.


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