“There is no knowledge that is wasted – Mortal Kombat.”

We live in strange times and we need strange measures. This is the regime of handwashing with soap and clean water and in the absence of that, the use of hand sanitizers.

Amidst, all of the Covid-19 panic, I went to the pharmacy to stock up on hand sanitizers and I discovered it had been exhausted. I searched for hours and resigned myself to just washing my hands until I found a “Do It Yourself” video on how to make hand sanitizers at home. It completely blew my mind away and I am sharing this with the hope that it helps someone as much as it has helped me.

PS: This is not to serve any other purpose than for personal use.

For starters, you’ll need these:

how to make hand sanitizers

You can get Methylated Spirit at your local Pharmacy for N200 or less.

how to make hand sanitizers

Aloe vera gel can also be purchased from your local pharmacy.

how to make hand sanitizers

Glycerin oil is used as a preservative for making cakes. So, check a cake shop.

how to make hand sanitizers

After getting these, you then need to check out this awesome video for the step by step process on how to go about making your own. Also, for how to add fragrances to give it a good smell, read the comments.

Happy watching and don’t forget to share!

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