Contrary to what a certain good book says, being the bigger person isn’t always worth it. Sometimes, when people go low, go subterranean, and show them that where their madness stops is where yours starts. No one has a monopoly on this madness thing.

Here are a few reasons why you should never be the bigger person.

1. Being the bigger person is an adult problem and you don’t need that.

Being the bigger person is an adult problem, and no one needs that. Adulthood comes with enough problems, so why add this to it? Also, this is why children have more peace of mind. They always speak their mind and never let shit go.

2. People need to know you aren’t one to be tried.

Always turning the other cheek or whatever guarantees that people will keep coming at you with their bullshit. Once you show them how low you can go and give them 2x of what they’ve given you, they’ll know to never get on your bad side. 

3. You don’t want to have unnecessary things on your chest.

If getting stuff off your chest means doing it in a way other people might consider childish, please, do it. The peace of mind that comes with saying what needs to be said is unmatched. Let these hoes have it.

4. People try to make their problems yours too.

When you are the bigger person, you have to carry your problems and that of others on your back, and that’s not worth it. The burden shouldn’t be on you to fix their issues. 

5. People don’t deserve the bigger side of you.

Some people need to see the side of you that doesn’t take nonsense. Maybe when they fix up, you’ll show them the side of you reserved for people that have sense and act right.  You know, as a treat.

6. It makes you overthink your actions.

When you try to be the bigger person, you tend to spend unnecessary time thinking of what you could have said or done in that situation. Smaller people don’t do that. They have a quick and immediate reaction on the spot and keep it moving. Don’t set yourself up for sleepless nights because you’re trying to be meek and inherit the earth. Treat their fuck up and know peace.



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