At some point in our lives, we have had way too much alcohol and the memory associated with the experience is almost never pleasant. 6 Nigerians share their worst drinking experience with Zikoko.

Emem, 21/ Female

I hate black bullet but found myself on the 6th can after hanging out with some friends all day. It was a mini party because all my friends were gathered and we were all drinking. I was active for the most part of the day so I didn’t feel it just yet. Next thing I know, I’m breaking up with my boyfriend, it was a long time coming anyway. My emotions were everywhere before I knew it, I am chugging whiskey like it’s water with a strange girl I just met. I started crying, I called my brother to come and get me. Once I was home, I puked my guts everywhere, finally made it to the bathroom only to blackout. I was sick for a week.

Gloria, 22/ Female

In my 300 level, I went to a birthday party with some friends. We were drinking beer before we got to the party by the time we got there, we were so drunk. I remember drinking everything in sight from vodka to rum to palm wine, even played a game and won a bottle of vodka which I refused to share with anyone. I drank about half of the bottle before deciding to go home. I am not sure how I got home that day. By morning, I felt like a truck ran over me. My throat hurt because I had already thrown up thrice. My room smelt of vomit and bad decisions. The new sneakers that I saved over a month to buy were covered in vomit. I promised myself never to drink again but guess who is taking alcohol while having this interview?

Uwana, 19/ Female

It was the end of a semester and we were having a class party at someone’s house when a friend (now former friend) came up to me and asked why I wasn’t partying. When told him I didn’t feel like it plus everyone was paired up he gave me a drink. I didn’t think too much about it because he was my friend. The drink tasted so good that I asked for another one. The bastard really got me another glass. Before you know it, I was dancing about the place, went up to a guy that I was doing stuff with and told him I was finally ready to have sex. He suspected something was off and asked me for his name. Apparently, I couldn’t remember it but I kept insisting we have sex. He knew I was drunk and got me to lie down and sleep. I woke up with no memories from that night. Turns out my drink was laced with something. Learnt never to collect drinks from people.

Leroy, 25/ Male

I have always believed that I could hold my liquor, until one faithful day I played Truth or Dare. By the way, Truth or dare is a perverted game that was originated by the devil to make our wieners hard and get us to drown in alcohol. So, there I was passing up on truths and dare, drinking like a bottomless pit. By the time I had gone through an entire bottle, I started acting out, doing a bunch of dares. By the time the game was over, I had lost my innocence. I missed a work deadline because of the morning after sleep than spanned into the night. That ended my days of truth and dare. Word of advice, avoid truth and dare or else you might end up getting dry-humped by another dude, or have a girl come at you in a few weeks saying you are about to become a dad.

Mimah, 24/ Female

In my 100 level, I went on a date with this guy. I had 7 bottles of Smirnoff ice so I was very drunk. We decided to go home. I begged him to take me home since his house was just 3 minutes away from mine. This guy took me to his house, took off my clothes, helped me take a shower, wore his shirt on me then raped me. I remember protesting that I just wanted to go home but oga just kept at it. At some point, I lost consciousness. Even till now, the memories are in flashes. I know I fucked up by having too much to drink so now I just take very little alcohol.

Tolu, 25/ Male

I am a lightweight and I know this so I stay away from heavy alcohol but that day, I was celebrating a promotion with my guys, I was feeling reckless and happy so I drank. My worst mistake was mixing drinks. By the time the evening was done, I was so drunk that I couldn’t feel anything. I blacked out. When I woke up, my friends told me that I threw up everywhere, tried to solicit the services of a sex worker, tried to drive myself home, and confessed to sleeping with my guy’s ex-girlfriend when they were still together. I have no memories of that night but they took pictures and have the videos of me acting out.

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