5 Things You Can Do While Self-Isolating Because Of Coronavirus

March 19, 2020

Y’all, the age of Miss Carona is upon us. Like that Dr Alban song, she’s invited herself to dinner and won’t take no for an answer. Because of this, the general public has been advised to do all they can to make sure she doesn’t stay long i.e washing hands with soap and using hand sanitizer, social distancing, and self-isolation/quarantine. We’re here today to talk about that last part.

Self-isolation involves staying locked up at home to ensure you don’t get infected. Not leaving your house for days can feel like torture, so we’ve made a list of suggestions of stuff you can do to pass the time.

1) Exercise

Image result for shaun t solo workout

YAS GAWD! Work those creaky joints and atrophied muscles by engaging in light or heavy workout sessions by yourself in your living space. There are plenty of equipment-free home workout routines on YouTube to choose from.

2) Let your reading habits return from war.

Image result for reading habits return from war

When was the last time you read a book from start to finish without taking a two-year break in between? This is the time to regain that sense of wonder (and the attention span) you had as a kid.

3) Finish learning that new language so the Duo Lingo bird can stop leaving you passive-aggressive messages.

Image result for duo lingo bird meme

The worst thing about this meme is that you can’t run. You’re in quarantine.

4) Get your diet in order.

Image result for balanced diet meal

Seeing as you’ll be home and will mostly be cooking your own meals, this is your chance to eat healthier stuff as opposed to the junk food that was easily available before judgement day happened.

5) Clean your damn house.

Image result for cleaning

All of it. You have the time.

Speaking of Miss Corona, how prepared are you for her? Click here to take a quiz to found out just how prepared you are.

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