“…So I asked them “Are you all right?” and they said “Yes.” But I said, “No, you’re all left!!!”


We’ve all been in a situation where our friends don’t get the great humour we have to offer and our fantastic jokes fly over their heads. Don’t worry, if you do the things on this list, they’ll be laughing at everything you tell them.

“Hey guys, my dog died.”


1. Say the joke again

Maybe they didn’t hear you. There’s probably too much noise in the room. With your normal voice, say the joke again.

2. Shout the joke

If they don’t laugh after that one, you must now scream the joke at the top of your voice. You are funny and they must witness your humour.

3. Start laughing by yourself

If they don’t laugh, you will laugh. People who value themselves appreciate themselves. By the way, what do they know?

4. Insult their sense of humor

Before you move on from the subject, make sure you give them a piece of your mind. They need to step up their understanding if they want to keep hanging out with you. How can they not laugh at your joke?

4. Stand up and walk out

For dramatic effect, walk out. That’ll teach them to not mess with you next time.



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