There are few things that compare to our beloved Jollof rice in this life, and one of them is being a digital artist. *Pauses to inhale the scent of artistry* Before you try to argue, go through the 5 reasons we’ve listed out below. займ безработным

1. More room for self-expression

With digital art, there’s ample room for you to fully express your creativity without being overly cautious of irrevocable mistakes. Unless the mistake looks like this sha.

2. Wider reach, which can attract more clients…

…and more clients equals more coins. It’s possible for millions of people to come across amazing art on the streets of Twitter, Dribble, Pinterest, or Behance while seated in their rooms compared to a physical showroom (except you’re Da Vinci). Yay technology.

Portrait happy man exults pumping fists ecstatic celebrates success screaming under money rain falling down dollar bills banknotes isolated gray background with copy space. Financial freedom concept

3. Cool tools and softwares

Unlike traditional art where physical paint and brushes are like bread and butter, digital artists have a wide variety of digital tools to aid their creative process. Little wonder their art turns out fabulous.

4. Saves money

Gadgets can be bought once, but you see paint, brushes and canvas? You will keep buying till Jesus comes. Wahala for who no be digital artist o.

5. A means to drive social change

Creating art is more than an action, it can also spark a movement for the good of all. Digital artists are no strangers to this fact.

For the love of art!

If you are a digital artist between ages 18 – 30 who loves good vibes and seeks to drive positive social change through art, then The Absolut Creator Competition

will interest you. It’s a perfect opportunity to share your aspirations for a better Nigeria through your digital art works.

Follow these steps to participate:

  1. Find the Absolut bottle outline and brand logo tagline here and incorporate them in your design.
  2. Create your vision of a better Nigeria using Absolut Nigeria’s theme: “Everyone should be free to express themselves” and incorporate the Absolut bottle outline.
  3. Visit the to sign up and submit your artwork.
  4. Enter your name, email address and relevant social media handles in the submission box.
  5. Finally – Upload your design or artwork and click on ‘submit’.

To improve your chances of winning, follow these guidelines:

  1. Artwork should be based on stated theme only.
  2. Artwork must include the Absolut Bottle outline from top to bottom.
  3. Artwork must include the brand logo and campaign tagline at the bottom.
  4. Artwork must be developed in portrait format – not dimension specific.
  5. Avoid multiple silhouettes within your artwork.
  6. Artworks must embody the theme in a Nigerian context.

Stand a chance of winning the following prizes if you make it to the finals:

  • A MacBook Pro Laptop
  • One-year premium subscription of Adobe Creative Cloud
  • The Absolut Creator merch
  • One-year internship with a creative agency

Good luck and happy creating!


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