2020 has been the year known for a global pandemic, closed doors and remote working. As the year comes to an end, we ask 5 Nigerians to share the things that they loved in 2020, despite all the hindrances. 

1. Ruth, 21

In November 2019, I got the news that my hip bones were dying. Moving about took a lot of energy and I wanted a break. By January 2020, I was supporting my walking with crutches. Going to class was so painful.

By March, the lockdown and ASUU strike gave me the opportunity to recover. I ate well, slept  well and had a healthier lifestyle. I even tried a plant-based diet. It’s December 2020 and I don’t need the crutches anymore.

2. Halimah, 22 

What I love most about 2020 is that it forced me to be around friends and relatives rather than being alone by myself. It’s been years since I felt this good about being around people. The process has been healing.

3. Damilola, 27

One of the things I loved about this year was how it felt like the end of the world. It made me enjoy the 2020 experience more. Whatever I was doing, I had to make it count. The sense of urgency really made me put myself out there, and I fell in love. I was in touch with every emotion and totally enjoyed it.

4. Jonathan, 29

2020 made me stay away from people without feeling guilty about it. The restrictions made it easier to prioritise meeting people. This allowed me to have more quality time whenever I eventually met anyone. I ended up in an amazing relationship because there weren’t so many distractions or the urgency to be in other meetings.

5. Damola, 20

I saw Eurovision for the first time this year and I loved it. I also discovered my dream country, Finland, and became obsessed, searching all social media platforms for someone from that country until I found a chef. Meeting a Chef made me happy because I was working towards a culinary school. I also got an awesome job and I am a few steps away from being in my dream country.

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