Nigeria’s hit machine, Adewale Mayowa Emmanuel (Mayorkun), aka The Mayor of Lagos (TMOL), notable for his ad-libs “Gege!”, “This bread no be Agege!”, is the toast of every musician for a hit song. Have you been wondering how you can meet Mayorkun? We have brought fast and guaranteed ways for you. 

  1. In your dreams

Your dreams are valid, my dear. Go to bed listening to Mayorkun at exactly volume four; it won’t work if it gets higher. Listen to his songs for precisely 27 minutes and fall asleep. He will show up in your dreams and discuss Agege bread with you.

  1. When you stream his videos 

Or you can just stream his videos to see why Davido said he is the biggest artist in 2020. 

  1. Attend his concerts 
Mayor Of Lagos Concert: Mayorkun Assumes Office With Shutdown Performance |  The Guardian Nigeria News - Nigeria and World NewsGuardian Life — The  Guardian Nigeria News – Nigeria and World News

This one will be hard now that they have started closing event centres, but when they open, break your piggy bank and pay for a Mayorkun show. If you don’t have enough money, manifest it. 

  1. Tell God

You can just report him to God and beg God to manifest your love into Mayorkun’s heart. If Mayorkun does not see you, he should not be able to Gege again.

  1. Try Davido

Just go to his dm every day and be calling him boss until he responds. When he finally replies to you, ask him to fix a meeting between you and Mayorkun.

  1. Go to the Agege and shout TMOL 3 times
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What is his name? The Mayor of Lagos. What is his favourite saying? Gege. Think about it. If you stand at the highest peak of the busiest roundabout in Agege and call his name, Mayorkun will appear in flesh and blood.

  1. Mayorkun becomes your driver
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In the Close-up Season of smile campaign, Mayorkun will be driving around Lagos to pick random people and be their driver for the day. Mayorkun will be giving many people a reason to smile. Wahala for who no dey road when Mayorkun dey pick passengers o.

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