As you are eating this holiday period to make up for all the 2020 accumulated stress, we have brought you effective ways to enjoy your food. 

  1. Eat and watch something 

If you eat while watching an interesting movie, you’ll most likely not know when your plate of Jollof will finish. Why do you think they give a big box of popcorn at the cinema? 

  1. Share

We know you are going to get extra food this period, share your food with other people. Remember they say “eat alone and die alone”.

  1. Remember to mute Twitter Doctors

Twitter Doctors will not stop shaming you for eating one type of food, thereby making you feel guilty for eating. This holiday season, mute all of them and eat your stomach’s fill. But eat responsibly.

  1. Eat in small amounts

Don’t eat everything at once. Eat small amounts over a long period. This way you can eat with ease and still enjoy every meal.

  1. Use Gaviscon

In case you’re worried your stomach will stop working, Gaviscon is your padi. Gaviscon is a medication that helps to relieve heartburn and indigestion. You can even carry Gaviscon along with you wherever you are going.

Use Gaviscon today and eat all the Christmas and new year food without worry. Remember to put Gaviscon in your hamper packs. Let your friends and families eat without worrying about heartburn and indigestion too.

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