“I said yes to my best friend”, “We married in a pandemic”, “To forever”. Our social media timelines have been filled with news of people racing 2020 to get married, so we have asked wedding goers what the wildest things they have seen at weddings were. And this is what they said.

  1. Kawthar, 25

There was this wedding I attended where the bride’s parents were divorced. At the reception, when it was time for the parents to dance together, the mother refused. Her friends tried to edge her on but she did not care o. The bride went to meet her, begging her to dance for a few minutes. It was so embarrassing.  When she eventually agreed to dance, she made sure she went with enough crowd to make the man feel unimportant. Her friends danced with her, sprayed her money, and everyone ignored the man. He eventually left the wedding. 

  1. Haawah, 22

At this wedding I attended, the groom came with just friends and no relative. The bride’s father insisted on seeing the groom’s relative otherwise the wedding would not hold. The groom did not even beg, he just left with his friends. We sha collected free food and left too.

  1. Loveth, 24

The groom was making passes at me. What made it troubling was that he was not even hiding it. He was beside his bride and making passes. I wonder what type of marriage they will have.

  1. Rasheedah, 23

I attended a wedding with my aunt, and she was asking the waiter for food over and over. Eventually, the waiter shouted at her. I was so embarrassed, I had to leave.

  1. Ahmed, 24

Dancing photographs. Apparently, the couple were abroad, but the ceremony was necessary for home-based fans. The photographs were treated with respect as if they were the couple themselves. It was funny.

  1. Iyanu, 20

I attended a wedding with my dad, and he went to change the DJ because he wasn’t playing gospel music. Mind you, he was not a relative to either of the couple. I’ll forever be embarrassed. And yes, a new DJ with a gospel soundboard was brought in.

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