5 Golden Moments That Are Worth Celebrating With Friends

Guinness Gold
August 23, 2019

Is there anything better than celebrating with friends?

They may annoy you to no end and make you fantasize about punching them. But the truth is that they’re still the first ones you want to tell whenever you have good news to share, mostly because of how excited they get for you.

Here are five golden moments in life that are worth getting your squad together to drink a couple of cold beers over.

1) When you graduate:

Don’t let these new age people deceive you into thinking that getting an education isn’t a big deal. It’s a freaking big deal. Not everyone who starts with you will finish. A lot of people will fall off the wagon along the way, like characters unceremoniously written off a TV show.

So when you graduate (WAEC, B.Sc, Masters, PhD etc), get your people together and celebrate.

2) When you get your first job:

Then you’d have to “declare” for the boy because they’re your boys.

3) When you get your first apartment:

We understand that not everybody’s first apartment is going to look like a presidential suite at Eko hotel (it’ll most likely feel like the interior of an empty carton), that doesn’t mean it’s not worth celebrating. You now have the freedom to go and come (lol) as you please without your parents pouring sand in your garri.

Get your best buds over and have a house warming party befitting of your new space.

4) When you get your first car:

No more will anyone refer to you as the person TLC sang about in “No Scrubs.” Gather your friends and go on a road trip in YOUR car. Just be careful to not bash it in your excitement because that would suck.

5) When you get engaged:

Who’s going to help you plan the elaborate surprise proposal or stand by and scream hysterically while the proposal is happening, even though they’ve known about it for days because your significant other let them in on it?


The best stories end with a #GoldenMoment. Savour the moment with a glass of Guinness Gold!

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