When consumed moderately, alcohol can be nice. It’s a great way to unwind after a long week or to share with friends. Here are a couple of facts we bet you didn’t know about alcohol though.

1. Men and women are affected by alcohol differently

Men are better able to break down alcohol better than women, due to the fact that men have more alcohol dehydrogenase, an enzyme which breaks down alcohol in the stomach. This means that if a man and woman of the same age both drink the same amount of alcohol, the woman will have a higher level of blood alcohol.

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2. Are Beers & Spirits more fattening than wine?

There are around 200 calories in an average 200ml glass of wine. By comparison, a 25ml measure of spirits contains around 50 calories and a 330ml bottle of beer contains around 150 calories. Remember, the calories in your drink will depend on the strength of the alcohol and more.

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3. Always eat food and drink water when consuming alcohol. 

Eating slows down the rate at which alcohol is absorbed into the bloodstream by keeping it in the stomach longer. Water keeps you hydrated. Always plan your route home – never drink and drive.

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4. A standard serving of alcohol contains 10 grams of alcohol

A standard serving size of spirits, beer or wine all contain the same amount of alcohol. A standard drink is generally about 10 grams of alcohol. The effect on your body is determined by how much you drink, not what you drink.

5. Prove how much you know about alcohol

You think you know everything about alcohol? Take this quick fun quiz to prove it!



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