5 Amazing TGIF Hotspots In Lagos

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February 1, 2019

Adulting is hard, y’all.

We’re all spending the better part of our youth stuck in Lagos traffic because of all the running around and hustling we’re doing. There’s a quote that says that there’s no rest for the wicked but I’m going to assume you reading this are not a wicked person, which means that you do, in fact, need some rest.

That’s why I’m hitting you with this list of cool spots in Lagos you can kick back, relax, and chill with friends on a Friday night after a long week of working hard and asking God why the bread can’t come get you for a change.

Let’s get into it:

1) Ember Creek Waterfront:

Located in Ikoyi, Ember Creek is a bar, restaurant, and fashion cafe that boasts a breathtaking view of the Lagos lagoon. With its relaxing ambience, the waterfront terrace is ideal for quiet dates, group hangouts, or for when you decide to fly solo and treat yourself to some food, drinks, and music. Thursdays are Salsa and cocktails nights. So, go have some piña coladas and let your truth-telling hips loose on the unsuspecting public.

2) Kohinoor Lounge:

This spot just opened up and is already on the lips of all the “who’s who” of Lagos nightlife socialites. Located at Lekki Pennisula II, Kohinoor is setting itself to be the benchmark for luxury lounges, bars, restaurants in Lagos. Along with the lounge, they have Zara’s Treats (a confectionary with the most amazing cupcakes and ice cream), Coffee 4 2 (a coffee shop), and Oh My Grill (that mouth-watering barbeque, fishes, prawn etc).

3) Beerhugz:

Beerhugz’ locations at Ikeja and Surulere are cosy and dimly lit with great sound systems. This is great for when you want to discreetly let your hair down and shake off stress by continuously attempting that one Nigerian dance that makes people look like polio victims. Let’s not even get started about the menu with the chicken, goat meat, and pork chops (their special).

4) Spur:

Spur is a family restaurant so it’s super chill and the alcohol is limited to beer, but it’s still a perfect venue for friends who just want to hang out and have a good time over affordable food and drinks. With its Native American decor to the well-trained staff, you won’t regret your time here.

5) Sea Lounge:

Located at Wole Olateju Crescent, Sea Lounge doesn’t just offer delicious food and cocktails, it offers you the chance to take a boat cruise with your squad and have your dinner 20 miles away from the coast.

Whatchu waiting for??

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