Some anime characters are so wicked that Patience Ozokwor could learn a thing or two from them. These four Nigerians have some passionate opinions on those characters. 

Toyo (She/They)

Lowkey, everything about Dio Brando’s character gives me the ick. Anyone who watches JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure and likes him is a psychopath. This man is from hell, — literally since he’s a vampire, hit a dog and then burnt the dog. Why would anyone fight something that can’t fight back? Even Patience Ozokwor used to manage to have small emotions and just poison things. 

Dio Brando also turned a woman into a vampire and made her eat her child. If I had to describe him to someone, I’d say imagine if a genie, a character from Sailor Moon and a bodybuilder had a child.

Shelah – They/She/Him

The anime character I find wicked is Yagami Light from Death Note. Nobody is wickeder than that dude, abeg. He had a god complex, and I honestly don’t understand how people keep saying he’s right! HE’S NOT! 

He found a death note owned by a Shinigami, and the rule is that any human who finds the note can kill anyone by just writing their names in the book. At first, he started writing names of criminals, but this nigga graduated to killing his father (not technically, but still). In total, he killed a total of 124,925 people with that note. There’s simply no justification for that. 

 Kurome-chan – She/Her 

Prime Minister Honest from Akame ga Kill because he’s a fool. An idiotic, selfish, irresponsible character. He was self-involved and willing to let everybody in the kingdom die because of his ambitions. He’s like if Uncle Iroh from Avatar was evil and heartless. I don’t know why they kept calling him honest, someone that is the best at being manipulative and emotionally abusive to everybody. Dfkm. If I catch that guy, it’s on sight.

Niel – He/Him

I watch anime and read manga and manhua a lot, and so far, the evilest character I’ve come across is All For One from My Hero Academia. He emotionally and physically abused his son Shigaraki to the point that he became out of control. Shigaraki started to use his decay quirk to destroy things so that people could feel and relive the same pain he felt in his childhood days with All For One. I also want to use this chance to say that all the people in the hidden leaf village from Naruto are wicked. How can you bully and shun an innocent child, unaware of whatever evil demon was inside him and still come to depend on him consistently to save you? A bunch of foolish nonsense people. 

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Editor’s Note: Answers from respondents have been lightly edited for clarity.



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