1. When she is waiting for you to finish telling foolish lies so she can descend on you.

God has caught you.

2. When you ask her relationship advice, she’s like:

Aunty relationship, not human ATM machine.

3. When you take her to the teacher that has been bullying you at school.

Please my champion is here! Oya talk again.

4. When your parents report you to her, she’s like:

You have entered one chance oh!

5. When she hears that you are still doing independent woman and don’t want to marry.

“You think the world will wait for you? My friend you better allow your head be correct!”

6. When you try to defend yourself against her insults.

If you know what is good for you!

7. When she hears you refuse to break up with your boyfriend that does not have sense.

You want to kill her?

8. When she sees her former friends that tried to disgrace her outside.

But if you don’t confront them ma, will the world end?

9. When she sends you on an errand and you forgot to collect her change.

Very what? Very good!

10. How she poses in all the family pictures.

Funky mama!


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