If you grew up in Nigeria and played with Nigerian kids, you probably played some interesting games. The games in this article though are the ones that were guaranteed to always end in tears.

Which ones made you cry?

1. After Round One

13 Childhood Games That Will Remind Nigerians Of Simpler Times | Zikoko!

With this game, the fighting usually starts when someone decides that they are no longer playing after they’ve beaten every other person.

2. Whot

Notes From Nigeria: WHOT?

For some reason, everybody thinks they’re the best at this game. So, when someone is about to check up and they suddenly get two pick 2s, they can feel the entire world collapsing before their eyes.

3. Kolo beating

If you don’t know what kolo beating is, read this. It is absolutely impossible for this game to end peacefully. Someone always does something wrong, like slapping another person too hard or deciding to cause a ruckus. I love watching people play this game.

4. When will you marry?

Maybe I’m putting this one here for personal reasons, but I once cried when I was the last to jump for, “How many cars will you have?” and I ended up with just one car while every other person got six, seven, even 10 cars.


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