As if the audacity to con people out of their life savings unprovoked isn’t enough, internet fraudsters AKA “yahoo boys” love to take on names that leave little to imagination. Yes, they want you to know they’ve made it, otherwise why would any sane Nigerian answer Pablo Richie?

Once I heard that one, I had to take a deep dive into yahoo boy names, and here’s what I found.


These ones have convinced themselves that they’re on the same wealth level as the famous cocaine drug lord, Pablo Escobar. Their babes always go by Olori Pablo.

Pablo Richie

Think of them as the pro-max version of Pablo. You’ll easily recognise them by their gold cuban necklaces.

Aremo Gucci

AKA Prince of Gucci. Their shoes? Gucci. Bedsheet? Gucci. Boxers? Gucci. Flip flops? Gucci. You get the drift? 


These ones spend money with zero caution because they know there’s always another client to scam.

Cash Money

Internet fraudsters that go by this name are literal money bags. They move around with bundles of different currencies. If you’ve ever seen anyone post random pictures with bundles of cash, that’s Cash Money.

Young Money

They’re entry level yahoo boys who came into sudden money after shadowing older yahoo boys for a long time. They’re sometimes fresh out of senior secondary school.

Brain Child

These ones would thrive in academia, but they’d rather apply their talents to fraud. They’re usually scouted and groomed by older yahoo boys who can’t deal with the mental gymnastics of cooking up fake documents. 

Bullion Van

Similar to Cash Money, they move around with hefty sums inside their cars, bags and wallets.

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Wall Street

They’re the corporate internet fraudsters. They could scam an entire nation beside you and you wouldn’t suspect a thing.


These ones are new school internet fraudsters with a speciality in cryptocurrency. 


They just want to scam people and fall back into their shell. They don’t want to be known or associated with anybody. 


Proteges of famous Nigerian internet fraudster, Hushpuppi, they wish to be like him so bad — minus the getting caught part.

Papi Chaser

The yahoo boy who connects yahoo boys. He has all the latest updates, knows all the right people and is basically the plug.

Magic Fingers

Think of him as the secretary-in-chief. He knows everything about forging high-level documents and also offers crisis management services.

Rich OG

These ones are the ancient of days. They may not be the richest, but they’re not to be disrespected. 

Femi Ferrari

He loves Ferraris. But whether he’s been able to scam enough people to afford one or not, he’s Femi Ferrari.

Arab Money

These ones hustle in Dubai and return to Nigeria every now and then to blow their ill-gotten proceeds. 


He’s the yahoo boy that gave up his dreams of being a renowned footballer for internet fraud. Now, he makes it rain when his club wins at viewing centres.

Ibro Wire

He’s the yahoo boy from a strong Islamic home who specialises in wire fraud. He doesn’t joke with his prayers. 

Owo Epo

The scorned yahoo boy with a better yesterday. He’s gone broke and now spends his time sharing stories of how he helped people when he was a successful scammer.

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