If you’ve played street football in Nigeria, you’ll know that it’s one of the most interesting things you’ll ever witness. The banter, the drama, the fights. No matter where you’ve played football in Nigeria there are some popular slangs you’ll hear.

Here are some of them:

1. Idea

If you play a pass and someone shouts “Idea” it means they appreciate the thought behind the pass. It doesn’t mean it was a good or successful pass. It just means it was a good idea.

2. Baller!

This one means you’re a true and proper footballer.

3. Senior man

If someone calls you a senior man, it means you’ve transcended the level of baller. Everything you do is gold. You’re even probably older than everyone you’re playing with.

4. Release

This is a synonym for “pass”. “Release” just sounds sweeter.

5. One, two

This is the same thing as a normal one-two in football.

6. Allow

You’ll hear this from someone you can’t see. It means they think they can do something better with an approaching ball than you so you must leave it for them and get out of their way.

7. Man on you

You’ll hear this from a teammate who is trying to alert you to be careful because there’s someone sneaking up on you to try to collect the ball.

8. Follow am

When someone is embarrassing you by outpacing you, your teammates will begin to egg you on by shouting “Follow am, no let am go!” If you have an ego to protect, you’ll probably catch the person.

9. Two sets out

This is the solution for when nobody wants to score and there’s plenty other sets outside waiting to play. Everyone leaves the pitch.

10. Two balls out

This means that if the ball goes out three times, a decision has to be reached, but the game has to end.

11. Any throw in, any over

Once the ball goes out of play, the game is over.

12. Free

This is the same thing as “Allow”.

13. Outer

Kick the ball as far away from danger as possible, please.

14. No bouncing


15. Throw in better

If you’re a defender and you’re in a situation where losing the ball might lead to your team conceding a goal, it’s better you kick it out for a throw in than let them score or get a corner kick.



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