When you hear Children’s Day, many of you think it’s for your little nephews and nieces and your neighbour’s children. But what of that your girlfriend? Oh, you think because she is in her 20s, she is no longer a child? Think again.

If she manifests any of the characteristics we have listed here, please buy her a children’s day gift. At the very least, take her to an amusement park, let her play with her fellow children.

1. If her younger sister is taller than her.

Please buy that child a Children’s Day gift.

2. If she has this skirt.

You better buy her pinging leggings and yori yori blouse to complete her wardrobe. Maybe buy her hair bond too. Be her father and her lover.

3. If she still lives with her parents.

She will be considered an adult when she is independent. If not, the committee will still consider her a child, plis.

4. If she types am instead of I’m.

You’re dating a Kindergarten babe in adult abeg. If she refuses to change, she’ll be getting a children’s day gift every year.

5. If her shoe size is between size 32 to size 40.

Please buy her konkon shoe. Let her wear it to church to recite her memory verse.

6. If her hand cannot reach the top shelf or the ceiling fan.

The same way you have been helping her to achieve great things, help her achieve that feeling of childhood again. Buy her a gift!

7. If she owns any of these sandals.


Jesus said, “Let the little children come to me.” Buy Chinenye of Galilee a new pair of sandals so she can join other children to meet the Lord.

8. If she runs before crossing the road.

Girlfriend that does not have courage, is that one an adult? It’s very sure she’s still in children’s church.

9. If she cannot spell.


You too, judge it. Doesn’t she deserve a gift? Maybe Queen Primer.

10. If she cannot solve Maths.

Test her. If she fails, take her to the amusement park to meet her fellow kids.

11. If she is the last born.

Clearly, you are dating a child. Text her to wish her a happy children’s day!

12. If her name is Princess or Mama.


My dear, you know what to do. Buy that poor child a gift.



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