If you don’t want children to grow up wondering what the heck their parents were thinking, then let the following names die with 2021.

And if your name happens to be on this list, tie wrapper and fight your parents (or whoever gave it to you), because they clearly set you up for life-long ridicule.

1. English

Hello???? Why this!?

2. Thanks

Where do we even begin to understand the absurdity of this? You want them to be turning upandan when people randomly say, “Thanks”?

3. God Knows

God definitely knows he shouldn’t be the reason someone goes by “GK for short.”

4. Thank God

This name needs to go extinct with immediate effect.

5. Prayer

Prayer is the key, not a human being. A key.

6. Surprise

What exactly is surprising, and how can you expect someone to walk around as a permanent surprise?

7. Evidence

Some people should evidently not be parents.

8. Nice

Are they planning to work at Chicken Republic?

9. Endurance

The fact that a child is born in Nigeria already seals their fate of endurance. Don’t add salt to the injury biko.

10. I am blessed

Not with this name, you are not.

11. Wonder

If they’re such a wonder, why not take them to the museum, because we’re not understanding.

12. Saturday

Or any day of the week for that matter. Please and thanks.

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