Thursday is the best day of the week. Argue with your reflection. Anyone can love overly eager Saturday and manic Friday, but imagine having the range to enjoy Thursday. With these few memes of mine, I hope I’ll be able to convince you that Thursday is the best day of the week.

1. The Friday eve meme

Most people think of Thursday as a trusty sidekick that makes sure Friday comes around. And yes, it’s the one day of the week you can count on to not fuck up. What’s not to love?

2. Work is chill on Thursday

If it refuses to be chill, make it chill. Most of the week’s work is done anyways. Thursday is the break Wednesday thinks it is.

3. Throwback Thursday’s supremacy

Thursday has the power to start a trend and kill it with its own hands. We should all be scared tbh. 

4. Thirsty Thursday

If you don’t know what this is, you aren’t one of the cool kids. Thursday is so elite, it has a public holiday on the 1st of July. Beat that.

5. Thursday is sweet

Thursday is the best day of the week because it will never make you feel bad for not doing enough. It doesn’t project unnecessary expectations of greatness on you. On a scale of 1-10, Thursday is a 12. 

6. Thursday doesn’t put pressure on you

Thursday is the weekend without the pressure, it’s like I know the weekend is a day away but here’s a bonus day. Friday on the other hand says GO HAVE FUN OR ELSE… a detty bitch

7. Thursday sneaks up on you… in a good way

Thursday is like that one song on your playlist that you skip every day but then you listen by mistake and now you can’t stop.

8. Thursday is comforting

Thursday doesn’t raise its shoulders or argue like the others, but it packs a punch. It is the sweet smell of the stew before it turns into jollof rice, I stan. 

9. Good balance

Thursday is the best day of the week because it is cool but not too cool. Relaxed but not too comfortable. If it was a Zodiac sign, it would be a libra.

10. King of good tricks

Thursday is always so full of surprises, like that pack of small chops you bought. You were expecting 5 pieces of puff-puff but you were given 10 and an extra chicken. The real God when.

11. King of anticipation management

Sometimes, the promise of something is better than the thing itself. It pushes you to get things done in preparation for the weekend, even though you’ll still spend it working.

12. Thursdays discount

Things are a lot cheaper on Thursdays, and they always have some sort of discount because fun places are not as packed. The crowd is a lot more chill and there’s no pressure to have the “best time of your life”, you can just kick back and relax.

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