Whether you like memes or you don’t, you can’t lie that they make all your conversations better. From looking for the right meme that describes “Omo” or one that says “is Ashimolowo a bad bitch”, Here are five reasons why you need Zikoko’s meme site.

1. African/Black-centred

You can search for terms like “Amala” and all the different types of “Ehen” and you’d find the perfect meme for it. With over 5000 memes, we’ve got you covered.

2.When you’re arguing and things go south

For those numerous times on Twitter when you’re arguing with someone and you can’t type anymore because tears have clouded your eyes, instead of deactivating your account, just use our memes to save face. Best part? You won’t run out.

3. Because you don’t have space on your phone

Maybe if you upload all your memes on our site. instead of hoarding them on your phone, you’ll have space to store your pictures. Except you’re hmm, God no go shame us.

4. We have the best content

From Aki and pawpaw memes, Nollywood memes, gifs from your favorite music videos, and an interesting amount of pictures of your favorite politicians. Your meme game will become unbeatable.

5. We know where you live and we will find you and put your spirit in a bottle 🙏🏾

You better not attempt to mess with us.


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