The year is ending, and a lot of you are probably wondering, “How are Zikoko writers doing right now?” You may not even be wondering, but in the generosity of our hearts, we have volunteered to reveal our mental and physical state to you.

Send help, please.

The whole team when you look at us externally (read: from outside):

A “conglomeration” of happening babes, innit?

But let’s zoom in on the individual characters:

1. Daniel.

Reports reaching us is that he is experiencing distress and agitation in his comfortable flat. Apparently, the rich also cry.

2. Hassan.

Interviews and edits, red biro everywhere. He doesn’t even know what he does not know anymore. But he knows Able God will shower blessings.

3. Femi.

He’s trying to air the team, but will the team air him? NO. A wise man does not leave his burning house to go pursue the suya hawker.

4. Eris.

Homegirl didn’t sign up for this sh*t.

5. Astor.

Dead inside but maintaining beauty before the decay begins.

6. Kunle.

God, look at your child.

7. Itohan.

Somebody needs to get Annalise Keating on the line before Lady Itohan murders her editor.

8. David.

He can’t believe he returned from NYSC Camp to face this ghetto.

9. Ope.

“Chile, let me keep a cool front before these people see that I’m tired of everything.”

10. Doyin.

The only thing he’s thinking about is the double difficulty: Nigeria is hard, writing Citizen posts about Nigeria is hard. Who did he offend?

11. Malakai.

One thing is for sure: they’re never doing this again. Not in this life or the next.

12. Ibukun.

The matter is about to enter the spiritual realm.

13. Toheeb.

Nothing is working anymore. NOTHING.

14. Ruka.

With everything that is currently going on, she cannot believe that some people have the audacity to disregard commas in their documents. HR must hear this.

PS: Shoutout to her for this great idea :rolling_on_the_floor_laughing:  She will kill me if I don’t say it.

The whole Zikoko team begging 2020 to end:

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