Every single year you’re chasing the bag, but where are the millions in your account? While we understand that  you deserve that baby boy/baby girl lifestyle on a yacht in Dubai, we’re pretty sure at least one of these eight things have hooked your millionaire lifestyle somewhere. 

1. African Mothers

If you said no every time your mother said, “Come now, let me keep it for you,” we could have been on the Forbes list. You may have chopped slap or ended up homeless, but at least you would have kept the money for yourself.

2. Data and airtime

Everyday 1k here 2k here. Just hold your calculator and add up everything you’ve spent this week alone on data or airtime, that’s where the millions have been hiding in your life.

3. You missed the dip

When your mates were investing in crypto you were there explaining how everything is a scam and how you don’t believe in free money. Well, it’s another day of hardwork o, where are the millions?

4. Last borns

All they know how to do is beg, blackmail, enjoy your hard earned money buying rubbish, while disrespecting us. These are the thieves in our lives and they need to be destroyed.

5. You’ve refused to be a sugar baby

You’re forming, “I can’t, I can’t.” My dear, that’s why your account can’t as well. Nobody can shame the shameless on these streets. Better come outside and collect this money with your full chest.

6. Baba Dudu and Goody Goody

You may have been competing with Dangote if you didn’t spend all the five-five naira you received on sweets as a child. 

Its another day without the millions you deserve in your account and here are the ten reasons why. Tag someone that's on this table as well.

7. Your father

Where was he when his mates were chopping from the national cake? Just go and ask him, then fight for your inheritance.

8. Your village people are alive and well

May your destiny be released from the clutches of the people that have said no to the millions in your life. You can connect with Mummy G.O. for more results.

9. No savings to your name

Your response to everything is, “I only live once. if I perish, I perish.” I hope you can see the single digits in your bank account. My only advice is for you to buy those wooden kolos that only carpenters can open for you.

10. Love

Your millions have entered a well at this point, and I don’t know if we can find it again. If you’re not going to eat at one fancy restaurant, you’re out on the streets professing  love with gifts. I’m sure you’ve even booked your date for Valentine’s day. Continue.


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