Perhaps it’s okay to say that power struggles is a shared suffering of every Nigerian. There is at least one thing on this list that PHCN has done to us all.

1. When you see light at the junction but they take it before you get home.


2. When one street has light and the other does not and everyone is saying it’s the line.

Line ko, line up ni.

3. When they finally bring light but it’s low current.

You people are just useless.

4. Or there is a power surge and your new charger burns.

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5. You, waiting for them to take light when the rain starts.

Come and take your thing o. We kuku know that’s what you’ve been waiting for.

6. Your reaction when your neighbours have light and you don’t.

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Cheating and betrayal of the highest order.

7. NEPA and giving you stable light only to appear with bill the next day.

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Five and six!

8. You, when the light has been on for hours and they have not taken it yet.

You people should take this thing so that you can give us in the midnight o.

9. How you count the days until it is your street’s turn to have light.

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Two days on, seven months off.

10. Your whole street, when the transformer blows.

Hay God!


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