Nigerians are truly some of the funniest people in the world and they continue to prove it by how they keep making us laugh on Twitter despite a ban.

Here are some of the funniest tweets from TwitterNg from November 2021

The memes that came from this tweet

Yes, we know the tweet is from October but the memes were legendary.


Now you understand why we had to include the first one.

2. Is there anything that’s out of line to Nigerians? We guess not

3. Lovers code

Ifeoma is doing it right. Whatever she’s doing is the right thing.

4. This isn’t exactly a joke, but it’s still funny.

Sanwo is protesting against Sanwo. Wetin Musa no go see for gate?

5. And he proudly said he attended Wizkid’s concert

The quoted tweets were smoking this man and this one is the funniest.

6. LMFAOO. You have to be on Twitter long enough to understand some jokes.

LMFAO. How do people think of stuff this funny?

7. *Frantically does sign of the cross*

Nigerians don’t see a line and we love them for that.

8. We yellep

Low scream, semi loud scream, loud scream.

19. Netflix in a nutshell


Why does this video even exist?


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