A wise man once said, “When I die, I want the people I did group projects with to lower me into my grave so they can let me down one last time.”

If you have ever been frustrated by a university group project, this is one article you will relate to.

1. First of all, prepare to not get mark you deserve.

If there is anything a university group work will teach you, it is that you will get marks that are not commensurate with the work you put in. Either the mark is too low, or in worst cases, the lecturer might not include it when they total all your marks after the examination. You then begin to wonder if the group work was a waste.

2. Some people will not do as much work, but will get higher marks than those who did.

It could be luck, or we could all be honest and blame the shitty lecturer who just gave out marks arbitrarily. Pick your fighter.

3. Group works will show you just how useless some of your course mates are.

Yes, everybody looks dope and cute and responsible. Wait until you are put in the same group with them. That’s when you will realise that many are useless, but it’s just obvious to a few.


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For crying out loud, why do you have to beg someone to submit their contributions to a group work that is part of their course load? Why do we have to beg you to succeed? Do you not like yourself?

5. Even after all the begging, some people will not submit anything.

And then on the day the group work is due, they will manifest like a bad fart and start begging you to put their names. Excuse me dear, the only thing I will be putting your name on is the list of those who deserve to fail. Please get out of my sight.

6. Some people submit their contributions, but it is either plagiarised or completely senseless.

These ones just leave you confused. Yes, they submitted, but their submission is useless. The worst part? They usually end up getting the high marks.

7. Expect to see that one person who will not contribute or show up for meetings but will come on the last day and offer to pay for printing.

This is the Obi Cubana of university group work. Talking about, “How much is the printing, let me pay for it and you will put my name.” LMAO. First of all, may you and your money perish. Who do you think you are? Where were you when the whole group was working?

8. If you ask group members to contribute a small amount of money towards binding and printing, someone will accuse you of eating their money.

Don’t sweat it. It is a normal occurence.

9. By the way, there will always be a problem with finding who will present the work.

All of you have done the work, let one person come out to present, but nobody will. This is one major tug of war.

10. At the root of it all, you must think of how you can do the group work alone and you will get annoyed all over again.

Because, really, why did the lecturer add you to this group when it could easily have been an assignment for you alone? Just why?



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