Everyone thinks getting a prepaid meter is the best thing in the world until they actually get a prepaid meter.

If you’ve lived all your life as a postpaid meter user, you’ll definitely face these struggles when you finally make the switch.

1. First of all, you won’t get it on time.

You people should please give us this thing nau.

2. How you calculate what to switch off every month.

Mass Confusion GIF by Cindy046 | Gfycat

AC? Abi I should turn off the TV too?

3. Your bulb in the afternoon.

Lighting-Gallery-net - Incandescent lighting & bulbs/Incandescent 60W porch  light - unlit & globeless

My eyes are bright enough.

4. Your face when you see someone with fridge and TV shouting at you with your single bulb.

If you don’t keep your useless mouth shut!

5. Your face when they ask the entire building to pay the same amount of money even though appliances are different.

It’s like you people are sick, abi?

6. You, reporting to the landlord when you see someone using the electric cooker.

Before they come and ask me to pay for someone else’s sins.

7. How you check the meter when you finish ironing.

Please oh, behave abeg.

8. When your parents catch you boiling water with an electric kettle.

11 Ways To Check If You Are Ready To Have A Child | Zikoko!

You are in soup.

9. Your face when you have to recharge more than twice a month despite all your management techniques.

Did they send you to me?!

10. You, removing your changeover socket and hiding it when you are about to leave the house.

Wisdom is profitable to direct.



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