We bring to you letters written by women to women they love, miss, cherish or just remember. To celebrate the support women continue to show each other, this is #ToHER.

From: Camela “Meme” Etoruom, whose bestie is her grandma

To: Ms Angelina “Mma Ange” Ndukwe, who brings bright colours to her granddaughter’s world

Dear Mma Ange, 

On my 18th birthday, I remember writing about the colours in my life and I opened with this: “My grandmother is the shade of orange you see in the sky before the sun sets. The one you take pictures of because you’re scared you’ll never see such beauty again, the one you think about in the dark and ask your friends, “Omg, did you see the sky?”

Mma, everything good in my life stems from the fact that you splattered colour in my life when it felt like a dark tunnel and refused to come to an end. I love you because you saw me when I couldn’t see myself, walked with me in love and understanding in my prime moments of teenage angst, and showed apathy towards everything. The most amazing part was seeing how our love evolved to fit every stage. A thing only a few people will truly experience. 

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If I count my blessings, the fact I get to call you “Mma” is at the top of my list. Mma, you have always been more than a sweet grandmother to me. Your laughter is a sound that rivals Kanye’s melodic prowess and your sarcasm makes me laugh carelessly when laughing seems like a myth to me. 

Thank you for letting me run around your house to read everything I could get my hands on as a kid — the reason why people think I know random facts unprovoked. Your taste in movies might be questionable, but I got to watch Kate and William’s wedding with you and I felt lucky because I got to gush about the royals with my grandma!

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My favourite moments are in your parlour reading books or having conversations where you don’t fail to remind me it’s okay to be expressive.

You’re my best friend, Mma; the reason I tell people that friendship is the greatest asset in living this life. You’re the funniest woman in the world, and I’m holding on to reincarnation because I hope I get to spend another life with you as my favourite miracle. 

I hope we get to the “Meme spoiling Mma baby” part of our lives soon. You deserve everything good, perfect and la Vida Loca as the baby girl that you are! 

To many more good-time conversations and memories, bestie. 


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