We bring to you letters written by women to women they love, miss, cherish or just remember. To celebrate the support women continue to show each other, this is #ToHER.

From: Asa, who wishes she met her older sister at least once

To: Barbara, the older sister who’s gone but not forgotten

Dear Barbara,

Is there a thing like missing someone you never met?

I hardly speak about losing you. I often think people won’t understand or they’d believe I’m looking for sympathy if I tell them I miss you though we never met. All I have are memories from our parents. But I miss you, sister. 

To me, family is thicker than physical. Family is always family. 

Dear Barbara, I’m grown now. Well, still evolving. But my perspective on life has changed. I’m on this journey of taking my love for writing more seriously, and  I wonder if you’d be proud of me. I’m hoping you would, and I hope you don’t mind that this letter is about you.

Dear Barbara, I look out for our younger sister. I know you’d do the same if you were here, and sometimes I wish you were here to look out for me too. Some days, I feel alone. But the thought that you would’ve been my best friend comforts me. I hear you whisper every time to me, “You’re strong.” Please don’t stop. 

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Dear Barbara, mummy is also okay. I can’t help but think she wishes you were here. I want her to talk about you, but I don’t know if the pain is still there, so I’ll just manage the little I know of you. Like your name and how much mum loved you. I promise I’ll take care of her and our younger sister.

Everyone else is doing okay, and I can’t wait for life to keep bringing everything it has for us. 

Dear Barbara, I’ll name your niece after you. Keep shining in heaven. I love you and one day, I’ll see you.  Until then, I’ll see you in the stars and the butterflies, my sister. 

All my heart,


Letters #ToHER will be ending in September. We have one more slot to share a letter, so click here if you’d like to write one too.

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