After the AMVCAs and the whirlwind of corsets flying left and right, I reminisced on the simpler times from 2010 to 2015. A time when fashion wasn’t a play on who can suffocate all the oxygen from their lungs first. If you’re really a hot babe, there’s no way you didn’t rock any of these 8 fashion pieces from way back.

Abortion belt

I can still see African mothers around the world throwing hands because of the name of this belt. Why was it called abortion belts though? Did it have to do with how unnecessarily large they were? Those are the unanswered questions you may continue to live with. Either way, consider yourself a premium babe if you rocked it.

Dashiki and Ankara tops

Dashiki, a pair of jeans and heels were on chokehold back then. In our minds, that was the real shit and there was no way an Ankara crop top could go wrong for any kind of event. Please give us back our colourful tops.

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Tank tops

If you threw a boyfriend jacket over your tank top, it was over for everybody. Of course, tank tops are still very much in style, but there were a lot brighter colours going on back then. And the prints and captions on them were the darndest things.


There was something sweet about accessorising with shambalas. And the best part was when you didn’t have to spend any money on them. All you had to do was steal one or two from your guys and you were good to go.

Wedged shoes

The slay queens are shaking. You’re feeling fly in your six-inch stilettos these days, but deep down, you know you’d give anything to go back to the times when wedged heels were for the gorgeous gorgeous babes

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Caribbean/bandana skirt

Also called pleated skirts. They were the starter pack for every church girl trying to maintain her material girl status. 

Peplum tops

Peplum tops were a foodie’s best friend. Nothing was better than being able to cover up the consequence of eating eba at 1 a.m. The good old days when nobody sent your pot belle. Now, we’re in the era of crop tops and baggy jeans. Good thing we’re finally able to breathe sha.


Rihanna’s music was (and still is) definitely iconic but her hair? If you weren’t shaving off your head every time Rihanna came out with a new hairstyle, then you weren’t a happening babe.

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