The feminist coalition is a body run by a group of women with their main focus being fighting injustice. They do not organise. Rather, they’ve assisted, structured and dispersed funds for the #EndSARS protests. Here are some of the things they have done.

1) Feeding

Some of the money has been used to pay for the protesters feeding, and feeding all those people is not easy. That is why protest jollof > burial jollof.

2) Medical Aid

They have also paid for the medical bills of some of the injured protesters. Some of who were shot or seriously injured.

3) Funeral Aid

They had given money to assist in the burial of deceased protesters

4) Masks

They arranged for masks in some locations to help prevent the spread of the Coronavirus. We all need to be properly masked up and kitted. No be Corona go kill us. 

5) Legal Aid

Some people while protesting were arrested by the police on false charges. The feminist coalition paid lawyers to represent them and get them released.

6) Protest items

Some other protest items like megaphones, banners, cardboards, etc. 

7) Protests

The Feminist Coalition has given money to people organising protests in different states, and they have supported 25 states so far. If there is a protest you want to organise, you fill a form and they will attend to you.

If you want a more comprehensive list of money spent and money gotten, please click here. For more about HER, click here


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