If you’ve ever wondered what goes on in a Christian mother’s group chat, look no further. I snooped around my mother’s phone to see what goes down in her Catholic Women’s Organization (CWO) group. 

Here are eight things you’ll always see in a typical godly Nigerian mother’s group chat.

So many forwarded messages

The first thing I noticed was so many messages were being forwarded from only God knows where. After every three messages, I’d see some kind of forwarded prayer or announcement.

Endless Prayers

If you have a mother in CWO, no village person can find you. Those women are reciting 50 decades of their rosary and saying at least five prayers daily for their children. 

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Calling each other “Sister”

The whole chat was giving reverend sister vibes. I can’t even count the number of times I read “Good morning sister” or “Remember today is our thanksgiving day dear sisters.” 

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Assigning tasks to one another

I saw a roaster for sweeping the church and it was giving strong secondary school labour day vibes. I know it’s for the Lord, but why can’t the same rule apply at home? Would like to see your father on a morning duty roaster.

Baby dedications

Can it really be a Nigerian mothers association without a deluge of prayers for newborns?

Organising four-hour-long meetings

Catholic mums have meetings every first Saturday of the month and a million times every other day. And no, there’s no singing or dancing  to Buga there.

Broadcasts warnings on the latest in Nigeria

Among the barrage of forwarded messages, there’s always an update on why everyone should endeavour to keep their children inside the house for one reason or the other. I’m guessing this is where all those long broadcast messages we receive originate from.

Pictures of themselves 

Those awkward angles 40+ selfies are scattered all over the group. I can’t bring receipts for this one sha, use your imagination.

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Calling out bad behaviour

The passive-aggressive texts were chilling. Happy to know that Nigerian mothers shout at themselves too.

Supporting one another

With everything in between, there’s also a lot of love in the group. Our mothers check in on themselves and show up for one another when they need to. It’s really sweet to see how older women support and connect with themselves. 

Now that I’ve brought amebo from my mother’s group chat, share this article with your mum and let us know how it goes.

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