Women go through a lot in this life. When we’re not being subbed for being unable to decide what to eat, we’re getting called out for simply “borrowing” the clothes of our partners and friends. Why this?

See, people need to understand that the best thing that could happen to you is for a woman to claim ownership of your clothes. I’ll explain.

It’s the greatest compliment

A woman actually put clothes you bought on her body? She definitely thinks you’re stylish and have great taste. What greater compliment could there be?

She’s being considerate of your pocket

She knows inflation isn’t smiling, so she’s saving you from buying her clothes as gifts. She’s recycling and doing her part in saving the earth. Get you a considerate queen.

And preventing wastage

Tell the truth, is it all the clothes in your wardrobe you wear at once? There are shirts you probably haven’t worn in three months. Why should they waste away when your babe can put them to good use? Again, get you a considerate queen.

You’ll always be on her mind

Anytime she wears your clothes, she’ll remember you. Do you know what it means for a woman to have you on her mind? Same brain space she’s using to store birthdays, fights from 1997 and period dates? Better appreciate it.

She trusts your judgement

Any woman that wears your clothes trusts you. I mean, you could’ve easily stolen the cloth from a person’s grave or from a vengeful ex who has vowed to disgrace you anywhere they see you wearing it. 

It’s her way of showcasing you to the world

Think of it as her way of telling people who she’s with without showing your face, AKA soft launching. It’s possible people have seen you in that outfit, so when your babe wears it, they can tell that both the outfit and the person wearing it are all yours.

At least you know it’s in good hands

Because no one will show more care for a piece of clothing than a woman. Honestly, all your clothes are better off with her.

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